How A Mortgage Pre Approval Gives You An Advantage

Home Buyers with a real Mortgage Pre Approval have a huge advantage over those who do not.

In fact, many sellers and their agents won’t even consider an offer from a prospective buyer until they have a written approval letter from a bank.  When you have a Mortgage Pre Approval, you’ll be able to…

  • Determine your true buying power – how much home you can actually afford
  • Get good Realtors excited to work with you
  • Have sellers take your offer seriously

Most buyers have, at most, a quick conversation with a loan officer.  Take your Mortgage Pre Approval process to another level by:

  • Determining your buying preferences and risk level
  • Gathering required income and asset documentation for review
  • Reviewing your credit (you may request a copy of your report)
  • Submitting an actual loan application to underwriting for pre approval

Make sure you get a real commitment from the bank!  Then you can submit offers on homes you like with confidence…

Getting a Mortgage Pre Approval really works.  Not only is it worth the time to find out how much you can qualify for, but having that official pre approval from the bank let’s everyone know that you can be taken seriously as a buyer.  Realtors and sellers both want to work with people who are ready to go, and have the ability to close once an agreement is reached.  A Mortgage Pre Approval shows that you are ready, and that your offer should be considered.

I have personally been involved with real estate deals where my client’s offer was accepted simply because it included a legitimate Mortgage Pre Approval.

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